Two tons of fun

1967 LTDMy “about me” page lists my interests,  one of which is old cars.  Here’s the proof: my 1967 Ford LTD four-door hardtop. It’s a fun way to hit the road.  I don’t do it often enough.

If not for a spur-of-the-moment trip to a Nashville-area car show a few years ago, the big red Ford might still be in a Chicagoland garage. Long story short: lifelong car nut attends show, gets idea to join the hobby, looks on eBay, finds a ’67 full-size Ford similar to father’s first new car, arranges money and inspection and all that, heads to Chicago, buys car, drives it home to Nashville.

Short story longer: car nut a little hasty, because rust had taken its toll and too-eager buyer ignores the signs that say “back away, and none too slowly.” Frame badly rusted, along with brake line attached to it. Getting home is a struggle. Once there, it’s clear that Swiss-cheese frame makes car undriveable.  So, find another mid-60s Ford in a junkyard to harvest its frame, and find a mechanic to swap the frames.  Between the hassle and the expense, a lot of the thrill is gone. 

But it’s still fun to drive.


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