Sore and sunburned, yet satisfied

After swapping shifts with a co-worker, I had a one-day weekend, and that day was today. Made good use of it — with a borrowed chainsaw, I cut most of 10 used railroad crossties into three, four or five pieces each to make steps for our steep backyard.

Still have two and a half crossties to cut, because those suckers will dull a cutting chain in no time flat, and I’m out of fresh chains. I’m having two of them sharpened — one came with my friend’s saw, one I bought to use when the first one dulled. They should be ready Tuesday, but I won’t be able to get back at it until Saturday.  

(Saturday is supposed to be a work day for me, but the swap that took half my weekend away will give me an extra-long weekend this week. Which proves that a good deed is almost always rewarded.)

With no saw, I spent the last two hours of this mild, sunny day placing the steps. Got 12 of them in, but there’s a lot more to go.

Along with the sense of accomplishment, I got a wicked sunburn on my neck and arms, and one not so wicked on my face.  My skin is also irritated from exposure to the crosstie sawdust, because of the creosote used to preserve the ties.  I hope irritation is all I get; creosote is a nasty thing.

Pain and irritation aside, it was a good day.


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