For sale: Hollywood under the stars

070909movie_t607This story about a drive-in theater up for sale brought to mind a friend of mine who used to be a movie projectionist in Upper East Tennessee. He didn’t work at a drive-in. But, man, would this be right up his alley!


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  1. Posted by Kevin Paulk on July 11, 2009 at 6:35 PM

    My ex-projectionist friend, Drew White, comments (and offers a correction) via Facebook:

    Thanks Kevin. Actually I did work at two Drive-Ins. My first theater’s (The Bonnie Kate in Elizabethton) boss owned The State-Line Drive-In (which is still open) and I filled in there a few times. I hung out there on my nights off and drank a lot of beer under the stars. The second drive-in was the Marbro Drive-In Kingsport. I worked there full … Read Moretime for a little over a year starting in 1979 ( I was also working days at my first newspaper The Kingsport Times-News). They had me working part-time my first year at the paper, so that’s why I worked the at the drive-in. Since both jobs overlapped I worked every day for well over a year. It was only bad in the summer when we would show four movies in a row. Each movie consisted of five reels each that lasted about 20 minutes. At the end of each reel, you would “change-over” to the other projector with the next reel. You did it in such a way that the audience never knew you switched reels on them. We’d finish up between 3-4 am. It was a blast.


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