President Obama as CEO

Here’s an interesting look inside the decision-making apparatus at the White House, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal. If this is an accurate depiction, the president is extremely hands-on and interested in the smallest of details, especially where the economy is concerned. As the authors point out, that bears a resemblance to a predecessor often criticized for his micromanagement: Jimmy Carter.

Give it a read. Then, if you care to share, tell me: Politics aside, what do you think about the president’s management style?


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  1. […] discussion led me back to a couple of my blog postings from August. One looked at a Wall Street Journal article that focused on Obama’s tendency to involve himself in policy […]


  2. Posted by Bush Bernard on August 12, 2009 at 8:54 PM

    I think it’s refreshing to see someone in the White House who is interested in more than just his own ideas or the ideas of the people around him.


  3. Kevin,
    Thank you for this. Interesting insight. Seems to me that each President brings his persona as well as his method of managing to the job. Carter the physicist, farmer, governor=minutia. Reagan, patterning himself after the Hollywood moguls he worked for, i.e. here’s the story we want to film. Go produce it. Additionally, I think Republicans are more CEO minded managers where Democrats are more personally involved–again, Carter, Clinton, even FDR as contrasted with Eisenhower, Reagan and Bush 1 and 2. In terms of President Obama, he was a community organizer who got disparate folks around a table and had them go at it until solutions were worked out. Seems he has brought the same method to the Oval Office.

    You are doing good work, Kevin.


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