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KP-porch-1-mugWelcome to my blog. I’m a journalist with 23 years of experience in daily newspapers in Tennessee and Florida, most recently at The Tennessean in Nashville. Born in Memphis, reared largely in Chattanooga, married for two decades to a Knoxville native, transitioning to middle age in the Midstate — I’d say Tennessee is in my blood.

Here’s where I share my thoughts on writing and editing, politics and government, music (classic country, bluegrass, rockabilly, Big Band, the three phases of Elvis), movies and TV (mostly old), and transportation — cars, trains, boats, maps, and more than you wanted to know about roads and highways.

Like Highway 12, the link between Nashville and the town I live in, Ashland City. It’s no ferocious freeway; four sometimes-meandering lanes have been the perfect avenue for easing me into the workday, and for clearing my mind when the workday ends.

Everyone needs a good travel companion, so thanks for joining me on the journey.

Take Highway 12.  You’ll be glad you did.

Kevin Paulk

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