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At last, a job

On Monday morning, July 26, 2010, for the first time in more than 54 weeks, I’m taking Highway 12 to Nashville to go to work.

I accepted a job offer last week from the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a temporary employee. My position is writer/editor on the external affairs staff, part of the agency’s Nashville-based flood recovery unit for Tennessee. The contract runs for up to 120 days. I’ll have to ask whether that’s calendar days — or, about four months — or M-F work days — or, about six months.

Six months … that’s about the length of time I mistakenly assumed I’d be out of work after my layoff from The Tennessean on July 9 last year.  I had been at Nashville’s daily newspaper for close to 15 years.  In many ways — some good, some not — it had been like a family. I’ve said many times over the past year that I’m not sorry to be gone, just sorry about the resultant cash flow problem.  But, as long as I didn’t have a paycheck to replace the one with the little Gannett Co. “G” logo, I was emotionally tied to the paper.

On Monday, I’ll finally be able to say that I’m a former employee of The Tennessean — and mean it through and through.

Wish me luck!


Turning the page

I have been away from good ol’ Highway 12 for a while, but I’m about to become an active blogger again, because time is on my side.

Today, I was laid off from my job as regional editor at The Tennessean. I’ve been at the paper 14 years, 7 months and 26 days — but who’s counting, right?

The severance package, while not as generous overall as those of past layoff cycles, provides me almost four months of salary. So, I’m not desperate.  But I am going to hit the job-hunting trail hard — after a few days of decompressing and cathartic yard work.

I’m also going to try something that’s new to me: maintaining a positive outlook. Longtime acquaintances may scoff.  But I’ve been urged my whole life to give that a try.  So that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m positive.