At last, a job

On Monday morning, July 26, 2010, for the first time in more than 54 weeks, I’m taking Highway 12 to Nashville to go to work.

I accepted a job offer last week from the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a temporary employee. My position is writer/editor on the external affairs staff, part of the agency’s Nashville-based flood recovery unit for Tennessee. The contract runs for up to 120 days. I’ll have to ask whether that’s calendar days — or, about four months — or M-F work days — or, about six months.

Six months … that’s about the length of time I mistakenly assumed I’d be out of work after my layoff from The Tennessean on July 9 last year.  I had been at Nashville’s daily newspaper for close to 15 years.  In many ways — some good, some not — it had been like a family. I’ve said many times over the past year that I’m not sorry to be gone, just sorry about the resultant cash flow problem.  But, as long as I didn’t have a paycheck to replace the one with the little Gannett Co. “G” logo, I was emotionally tied to the paper.

On Monday, I’ll finally be able to say that I’m a former employee of The Tennessean — and mean it through and through.

Wish me luck!


Happy Father’s Day from my 3 Chords a Day blog:

Happy Father’s Day, from my 3 Chords a Day music blog:

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That’s the Cheatham County Long TERM Rec…

That’s the Cheatham County Long TERM Recovery Organization…

I’ll be at Tuesday’s meeting of the Chea…

I’ll be at Tuesday’s meeting of the Cheatham County Long Recovery Organization, where our new group will elect officers.